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studied Marketing and Management and is a certified Success Coach by Jay Shetty. Additionally, she hosts the podcast "Success Speaks" and contributes as an Executive Contributor for BRAINZ Magazine.

With over 13 years of experience in sales IT, she has the knowledge and skills to achieve long-term success. Saskia's coaching style is empathetic and accountable, helping individuals unleash their untapped potential through transformative programs. She specializes in personal development and career advancement.


In addition to her Coaching Sessions and full-time role as a Sales Expert, she also writes thought-provoking and reflective articles for the magazine Brainz in Stockholm, Sweden.


Goal Setting & Action Plan

Helping clients define their goals, whether personal or professional, and create a strategic action plan to turn those aspirations into reality. Through tailored coaching sessions, I support you in identifying your objectives, breaking them down into actionable steps, and providing guidance to stay focused and motivated.

Mindset Transformation & Confidence Building

Guide clients in developing a positive mindset and building self-confidence. Utilize techniques such as cognitive reframing, visualization exercises, and affirmation practices to help individuals overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and self-doubt. Through personalized coaching, I will empower you to cultivate an empowering mindset that fuels their success.

Leadership Development & Communication Skills

Offer leadership development programs that focus on nurturing effective leadership qualities and enhancing communication skills. Provide insights on leadership styles, emotional intelligence, and team collaboration. Help clients become influential and impactful leaders who inspire their teams and foster a positive work environment.

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I’ve worked with Saskia in coaching sessions since February 2023. The topic was mainly organization, building habits for a better workflow and how to go about setbacks. These sessions with Saskia had a tremendous impact on my personal development, making good improvement and having a major breakthrough, the work with Saskia helped me finding a solution for my issue and most importantly sticking with it. Saskia is a very knowledgeable, empathetic and motivating coach. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Saskia’s coaching Practice.

— Angela

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