Angela Exton

I’ve worked with Saskia in coaching sessions since February 2023. The topic was mainly organization, building habits for a better workflow and how to go about setbacks. These sessions with Saskia had a tremendous impact on my personal development, making good improvement and having a major breakthrough, the work with Saskia helped me finding a solution for my issue and most importantly sticking with it. Saskia is a very knowledgeable, empathetic and motivating coach. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Saskia’s coaching Practice.

Benjamin Tucker

There is no doubt about booking Sassy; she is absolutely amazing. Her attitude and expertise are incredibly helpful. She has assisted me in becoming more focused, and her thought-provoking questions have made me aware of what distracts me. We have collaborated on various exercises that she personally developed. Overall, she is truly fantastic.


Jackie Huang

I had a discovery call with Sassy yesterday, and I highly recommend her! She was easygoing and a great listener who helped me analyze my fears and obstacles. She made me feel at home on a video call, and I could talk about all my problems and challenges in life with her easily. If you ever feel like you lost direction in your life, look for her. She is a great coach!

Martin Reed

I highly recommend Sassy as a Success Coach. She possesses brilliant active listening skills, and through her thought-provoking questions, I gained a heightened sense of commitment for long-term success.

Sabine Käggi

I highly recommend Saskia as a career and success coach. In our work together focusing on career transition, she’s provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations quickly and offer concrete tools, processes and plans of action to enable successful growth, change and resilience.